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Guys I do not think you understand

Let’s bring my favorite thing back for the holidays :)

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And here we have the traditional review of the new Hobbit movie: Desolation of Smaug

Again, this is long overdue.

WARNING: Spoiler Alert.

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i am the world’s biggest kiliel shipper

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my parents don’t fuck around when it comes to birthday presents.

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I'm not sure if you made a post about this before, so I'll just ask it now: How do you feel about the changes made to The Hobbit movie? Do you think some changes were needed to put into movie form, or do you not like any of them?


i honestly loved (almost) everything about the Hobbit movie.

Radagast and the White Council were awesome additions because they tie the Hobbit to LOTR in such a more substantial way.

the only change that bugged the shit out of me was the dumb secret passage to Rivendell. like honestly, Rivendell is a huge ass valley. I know it’s got like secret elf enchantments around it and shit but like, was an underground passage thing really necessary? it’s originally just a path thing that Gandalf leads them down and all is still right with the world.

but yeah, that’s my overall opinion of it :)

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LOTR Honesty Hour!

okay. this is the first time i’m doing this because i’m bored out of my bloody mind. but i think my idea is cool so DON’T JUDGE ME.

for an hour, you can ask me anything Hobbit/LOTR related (whether it be a question about something that you find confusing/hard to understand, an opinion that you’d like to share, a question about my opinion on something, or anything otherwise) and I’ll answer it honestly and to the best of my knowledge/abilities.

go ahead, ask away!

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i think this might be my favorite GIF ever so far

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